Two posts in one week, wow! :)
This order was for a friends parents anniversary- 47 years of marrige- CONGRATULATIONS to them, what a wonderful accomplishment!!

Pineapple cake with vanille buttercream and fresh pineapple filling
Covered in homemade fondant
Whimsical roses made out of fondant

I've been meaning to post a picture of these cookies- sorry its taken me so long!
This cookies were also part of the Corset Cake order.  Using the same color scheme I created 2 dozen decorated sugar cookies.
Last time I decorated sugar cookies I flooded them with royal icing, this time I took a different approach and covered them with fondant first- then did the details in royal icing.  I have to say I like this new technique much better.  Using fondant to cover the cookie gives it a great smooth and even finish, perfect canvas to decorate.  I definitely plan on using this method for any future cookie orders.

Here is the Finished Product:
(Sorry it's a little blurry- I couldn't get a better picture)

Naked Cookies (Step 1)

Cookies Semi-Dressed Up (Step 2)

Cookies With A Few Details (Step 3)

I sure hope the bride-to-be enjoyed the cookies!
A very dear old friend contacted me a few weeks ago to bake a cake and cookies for a bridal shower she was hosting.  When she sent me her design ideas I got very excited- it was something new for me and I couldn't wait to start putting the cake together.
She requested a corset-styled cake with the colors orange, purple and white.
After looking up various cake corset designs online I was able to come up with this one- which I must say, I'm very proud of!  This was my first real carved cake design.  I carved it free handed.  I was nervous that the bust wouldn't come out even but overall I think it all came out pretty well.
I sure hope everyone at the shower enjoyed the cake (both the outside and the inside!).

Finished Cake
Pineapple Cake with Coconut Frosting
and fresh Pineapple filling
Covered in homemade fondant
(Beaded trim: Royal Icing)

Some MAKING OF pictures:

The bust still needed some fixing, but this was after carving the cake and applying the crumb coat

Fondant corset and "skin" on- all that was left were the details