Bridal Shower Cookies

I've been meaning to post a picture of these cookies- sorry its taken me so long!
This cookies were also part of the Corset Cake order.  Using the same color scheme I created 2 dozen decorated sugar cookies.
Last time I decorated sugar cookies I flooded them with royal icing, this time I took a different approach and covered them with fondant first- then did the details in royal icing.  I have to say I like this new technique much better.  Using fondant to cover the cookie gives it a great smooth and even finish, perfect canvas to decorate.  I definitely plan on using this method for any future cookie orders.

Here is the Finished Product:
(Sorry it's a little blurry- I couldn't get a better picture)

Naked Cookies (Step 1)

Cookies Semi-Dressed Up (Step 2)

Cookies With A Few Details (Step 3)

I sure hope the bride-to-be enjoyed the cookies!


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